Everything Chicken

Everything chicken – old knowledge, re-lived. With over 60 delicious recipes “- the title of the book sounds very tasty, but there is much more in this book than at first glance!

You may not have read my last blog post “The Ribs of My Life”, but that does not matter. I – Rolf from the marketing team of Otto Gourmet – have received a book tip from the Löwenzahn Verlag and was allowed to take a look in the book “Alles Huhn” and was very surprised!

Much more than just a cookbook
Photo: Löwenzahn Verlag / Luzia Ellert Photo: Löwenzahn Verlag / Luzia Ellert
Photo: Löwenzahn Verlag / Luzia Ellert
The cook and stylist Gabriele Halper and the author Irena Rosc put a lot of work and time in the cook book “Alles Huhn”, as well as great photographs by Luzia Ellert. How do you realize that so much work is in this book? Every normal cookbook has a small preface and then you get flooded with the recipes – not like “all chicken”. This is really a homage to the chickens.

Old knowledge, which is practiced less and less today, is slowly dying out. All parts of the chicken can be made into wonderful dishes and in this book you will learn how to fully utilize the animals in grandmother and awake the chicken to a new life.

How do you recognize a fresh chicken?
It’s so simple. You look in the packaging on the expiry date and selects what is still the longest lasting.

It’s a bit sad, because you can not tell by the muscles when the animal was slaughtered, how it was kept (except by great stickers), nor how long it has been there.

It used to be a lot easier to see how fresh the chicken really is. Shining eyes show the freshness and a complete plumage shows that this chicken was allowed to enjoy a good attitude. For this reason, we are very happy to sell our poultry with feet and feathers from Otto Gourmet, because this is the only way to recognize animal-friendly rearing as a pleasure-seeker and to taste this quality clearly on the plate. For this reason and many others we would like to encourage Otto Gourmet, as well as the author Irena Rosc to buy whole chickens again.

How do you dissect poultry?
Before that one likes to resist. But it’s easier than you think. We shot a video and show you how to do it with a sharp boning knife.

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