With good meat on the way to BBQ world domination


After a short membership in the OTTO GOURMET family, I am now – Bernd Randerath – may write a guest post for BlogaufBeef. As deputy manager, I can get a taste of almost all areas of the company. That’s very exciting for me because I learn a lot from this industry every day. As a passionate barbecue, but I feel really good and I totally fancy #gutesfleisch.

Almost two years ago, I decided with an old school friend to start a barbecue and BBQ team.

Based on our hometown Erkelenz we called ourselves ErkatownBBQ. Meanwhile, we have taken a true Ruhrpottler, so that we now (unless we are accompanied by one of our women) to move through the country.

Of course, my grill team and myself can be found mainly at barbecue championships. But we also find ourselves at barbecue meetings with other grill crazy people. But we have already welcomed family-internal celebrations.

In order to be able to do something good with our hobby, we try again and again to engage socially. So we donated our first won barbecue to a youth facility (including a small barbecue party) or sold Pulled Pork Burger on a Christmas bazaar to get the proceeds to projects in the third world.

Since we grill only on home-made grills if possible (from old oil barrels we have built fireplaces and smoker, the so-called UDS (Ugly Drum Smoker)), we were of course not missing at the meeting, where only on fire plate and UDS grilled. At such a meeting, everyone grills for everyone. From the amount so much that for each participant a Probierportion arises.

This year we were able to meet the other participants of the meeting with US Skirt Steak, Beef Ribs, Corn Chicken Breast, Ibérico Secreto, Mangalitza Neck Steak, Irish Hereford Flank Steak, US Tri Tip and many more. spoil.

If you are allowed to bring your own meat at championships, we will always refer back to the OTTO GOURMET products.

So we were able to snatch the 2nd place in the course “Chef Choice” at a championship in the Saarland with a US Tri Tip and also in the overall standings to occupy 2nd place.

Next we will compete in the NRW championship in Krefeld. Let’s see if we manage to get a place on the podium again.

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