With good meat on the way to BBQ world domination

  After a short membership in the OTTO GOURMET family, I am now – Bernd Randerath – may write a guest post for BlogaufBeef. As deputy manager, I can get a taste of almost all areas of the company. That’s very exciting for me because I learn a lot from this industry every day. As […]

Food Pairing

Vino, wine, vin, wine, everyone likes a glass of it. And what is even better than a good glass of wine? A good glass of wine and an accompanying meat dish! But which wine goes with which dish? We tell you everything about food pairing. Meat is not only delicious with red wine, but certainly also with a soft rosé or fresh […]

Make Beef Jerky

In the United States, beef jerky is standard in the store shelves between snacks. In the past, however, it was customary to dry meat, vegetables, and fruit in order to keep it for longer. Nowadays we, of course, use the fridge or freezer for this. Do you want to make your own beef jerky? Then read on […]